Sunday, February 28, 2010

Escaping Embry

Once upon a time (that's how all good stories start off, right?), there was a group of girls who thought they would be friends forever. Over the years, the group drifted apart and back together again, but four of the girls (now women) remained bestest best friends. Way back in the day, these girls loved to write stories in notebooks and pass them around. These stories involved newly invented (code) names, the glamor that came along with being sweet 16 and getting to have whatever car you wanted and somehow always at least one pair of twins. But seeing as they lived in separate cities and rarely saw each other, notebook passing became much more difficult for our four heroines. Thank goodness for the invention of blogs and computers! That is the purpose of this very blog, to reunite these girls (I mean, women) and give them a way to recapture the fun they once had in middle school. I mean, who said getting older meant you had to grow up?

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