Monday, March 1, 2010

The Beginning: A Very Good Place To Start

"But what should we dooooooo...?" whined Ela.
"Stop being such a baaaaaby" mocked Allie.
Ela glared and stuck her tongue at Allie, which was met by a pillow in the face.
Ela made an indistinguishable noise and then swiftly hit Allie upside the head with the pillow. A vicious pillow fight insued.
"Man, you're both feeling violent today" observed Alexia upon entering the room.
"When is Ela not?" questioned Allie.
"Hey!" Ela cried.
"Oh hush, both of you" chided Alexia. "Our ever-mysterious redhead has got something to show us."
"How mysterious" giggled Ela.
"How redundant" Allie retorted.
"Would you two give it a rest? Let's go" Alexia said disappearing (*poof*)

Ok, Kay. Your turn. :)

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