Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I can't edit any post but the one I posted so I had to start a new draft - but I just wanted to say that I like the idea of communicating through drafts. :-D

And I totally remember "Ela Jasani" now that it's been said.

If I used Kayralynn, then I'm sure I was Kayralynn O'Shaughnessy. Which to be honest, since I used it from then up until... Well up until just a few years ago really, on the web, I'm kinda disappointed I wasn't more creative at some point, haha. Maybe I *will* make a new name. I dunno, I'll think about it. (I can't even remember what goddess name I was, though I can remember everyone else... What other "themes" did we have, do y'all remember?)

And yaaay Vix's turn ^_^

Emotions-- Passion and Patience. Hope and Faith.
Goddesses-- Who was Athena? Was someone Athena? I know I was Aphrodite.

Communicating through drafts=much better than communicating through posts and helps my ocd. :)

p.s. we're waiting vix

--just pasting what I posted in my first story part so it didn't stick around on the actual blog page--
Hahaha, someone else's turn now! See what I did there? You thought you'd stick ME with the first All Important Plot Point but I evaded it! I am super amazing like that. :-D
My name is in green cuz I want to remember what my old name was and replace it. Was it just Kayralynn? I know I used that at some point - and then used it as a web pseudonym for years afterward - but for some reason I don't think I used it for the stories. Maybe I did. I don't know. But I'd feel weird picking a brand-new name. Even if "Ela" is new-ish for Puja I remember her using it in a story of her own at some point, something like that anyway, so even if she didn't pick it for herself for a story, it still seems like one of the old names to me. So I want an old name, too. :-P
Oh also, hope I ordered okay drinks for you guys. Always changeable if they are somehow offensive to your palate. xP And do y'all remember the bright red fuzzy couch and big chair? The wicker ones that are there now are actually the things CCR hasn't changed, but I liked the red fuzzy set better so I replaced the wicker ones. ^_^

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