Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another *poof* and all four girls were in one of their favourite places, a posh little coffee shop that was ever so much cooler than Starbucks - mostly because it was Not Starbucks. The girls had been frequenting Not Starbucks for several years now, and though it had changed hands, locations, roasters, drink recipes, employees, and everything else that makes a coffeeshop a coffeeshop, it was still the place to go.

As Allie, Alexia, and Ela poofed into Not Starbucks, Kay had already finished ordering her drink. The pimply teenager behind the bar handed her the frozen mint mocha - with no whipped cream - as the other girls walked up to the line to order, giggling.

"What took you guys so long?" Kay asked, putting on a mock-pout. "And what's so funny?"
"Nothing, just Ela tripping over herself again," Alexia replied, stifling another giggle as Ela shot her a glare that could freeze the Sahara.
Still grinning at Ela, Allie ordered her iced coffee and turned to Kay. "So what's this big mysterious mystery you said we all had to come here to see?"
"Who's being redundant NOW?" Ela whispered to Alexia. Allie shot her tongue out at Ela, who responded with a silly face that sent everyone into giggles all over again.

Kay grinned at the antics of her best friends, but turned around and walked towards the set of couches and chairs in which they always chose to sit - the one thing that Not Starbucks had not changed in all the years they'd been customers. She sat in the corner of the bright red fuzzy couch and sipped on her drink, trying very hard to seem nonchalant.
"Well?" Allie bounced onto the couch beside Kay, then curled her legs under her to get comfy. Alexia and Ela got their caramel machiattos and joined them in the circle around the little table, staring at a silent Kay expectantly.

"WELL?!" said Ela and Allie together, increasingly impatient. Alexia raised an eyebrow in her way of expressing impatience, and Kay just laughed.
"Sorry guys, I'm just having too much fun making you wait," she giggled, eliciting pouts from all directions. "Aw, come on guys, don't pout at me. Okay, okay. You wait no longer. Here's what I have to show you."

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