Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Giving her friends a mischievous look, Kay rummaged around her felted bag (an Allie Kerrington original, of course) and pulled out a small pouch. Her friends watched with looks of piqued curiousity as she swung the little pouch around on its strings.
Finally, Alexia spoke up by exclaiming, "Are you waiting for an engraved invitation or something?"
Kay looked sufficiently pleased at torturing her ever-curious friends and opened the pouch carefully. She pulled out a locket, simple yet elegant, oval in shape and gold in hue. The front was graced with a single diamond in the center and the back appeared to have engravings that were almost completely worn away and impossible to read.
A simultaneous, "Ooooooh," erupted from the three young women as they took in the locket and began to pass it around.
And then the questions began.
"Where did you get it?"
"Is it yours to keep?"
"How old is it?"
"Do you know what the inscription said?"
"Who did it belong to originally?"
"Have you opened it yet?"
"What do you think is inside?"
Kay raised her hands for silence and admitted that she only knew the answer to two questions- she received it from her grandmother and it was hers to keep. The rest of the questions were still a mystery.
"I wonder if we might find a clue about who owned it originally if we look inside. There might be a picture or another inscription or something," Ela pondered aloud.
"Now we're talking," Alexia chimed in and offered the locket back to Kay, "Open it!"
Kay leaned down to carefully open the locket as her three closest friends huddled in to see what she revealed.

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