Friday, March 12, 2010

So um. If I change my name from Kay, y'all would have to go and edit your parts and replace every occurrence of "Kay." And I guess it'd just be to Kayralynn, since that's what I used before. Though I really think I had some other "normal" name at some point that just none of us can remember. :-P

So... Thoughts? Just stay Kay for easiness, or switch to Kayralynn, or what?

ALSO... Vix, I just picked a car for you, something that I thought we probably thought was cool back in the day... I can't remember what cars we really picked for ourselves except I'm pretty sure Puja had a Jetta! Anyway, I can change it if you want. I just was throwing out a reference to our magical ability to acquire the coolest cars. ;-)

Kay is fine, unless you really love Kayralynn (Which is longer to type ;))

WE need to update this bad boy... like woah.


  1. Heh, it actually threw me off that we magically poofed to the coffee shop but we drove off in my car. How did my car get there? Why didn't we drive instead of poofing, or maybe you did drive instead of poofing but it's my car, not yours.

    Anywho, I have major writer's block and can't figure out exactly what jeweler boy is going to tell us about the locket. And I'm trying to decide if he should join our journey or just be a stop on the way. SO MANY DECISIONS! Opinions are always welcome from fellow bloggers (please help, I've lost the ability to write fiction).

  2. I was under the impression that the poofing was just silly and metaphorical. :-P

    Jeweler boy can tell us something about the age/make/mechanics/origins/etc of the locket that is some clue, something epic that sends us on our adventure... Other than that I dunno what to tell ya. :-P

  3. it was mostly silly. the poofing

    or we can get it open and just have a name or picture and a shady character starts tailing us on our journey when we leave.

    jeweler guy could show back up if you like, but it;s US who are suppose to be cool.

  4. Pretty much anything I could come up with has already been said :-P Maybe it could lead us to some really, REALLY old house or something with a really cool old attic...or something like that :-D