Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Wow. It's old." Micah replied picking up the locket from the counter top.
"No shit sherlock" Allie teased smiling at him but ready for him to do something useful.
Micah just looked up at Allie as if he was taking her in (which was a bit unnerving to say the least), blinked once and returned his gaze to the locket, turning it over and over in his hands. After that. he carefully tried to open the locket with the nail of his thumb, pressing his other three fingers against the body of the locket.
"That's not going to work. We tried that." Kay interrupted the silence almost timidly.
"A guy had to try," Micah looked up and smiled at the all. "I can open it," he smiled wider. "Just give me 15 minutes."
"How are you..." Eli trailed off as Micah disappeared into the back of the store, leaving the girls along with Bob the cat.
"Well Bob, would you like to show us around the place?" Allie petted the cat. "You're a gentleman right, Bob?"
"Hey guys! Over here!" Alexia called from across the store.
"What's up?" Kay asked as the ladies ventured over too the glass case that Alexia was looking into.
"Wow. They're so pretty." Eli said glancing down at the lockets.
Allie giggled at her friend, "Too bad they are too old to be shiny too El."
Eli narrowed her eyes and her friend and then smiled.
"I thought these looked like yours, Kay," Alexia noted.
"They certainly have the same look to them don't they? And look where they are from..." Kay pointed to the place card in the glass that read Civil War Era Lockets. Collectibles of the Old South. "That's older than I thought it'd be," Kay breathed.
"But that means it probably has a history!" Allie exclaimed excited
"And maybe even a mystery!" Eli chimed in.
"Wow, aren't you both poets who don't know it?" Alexia smirked
"Who wants to come see what I found?" Micah called emerging from the back
The ladies rushed over to where Micah stood.
"So?" Kay asked impatiently.
Dangling the open locket in the air, Micah handed it to Alexia, "Here you are Madam." "At your service," he mock bowed.
Alexia smiled at this, and her twin nudged her and gave her a knowing glance.
"And this is for you," Micah said placing a small browned piece of paper in Kay's hand. "Be careful. It's old." Micah winked before Kay could answer that she knew.
Kay carefully unfolded the paper to reveal a small curl of red hair (much like her own) and an inscription that read C.A.O Feb. 17, 1865.
"I know that date," Allie exclaimed.
"You do?" Eli asked.
"Sure," Allie smirked. "It's the day Sherman captured and burned most of Columbia."
"Looks like you do have a historical locket." Alexia patted Kay on the shoulder.
"And maybe they'll be a mystery too!" Eli exclaimed.
"You know what this means..." Kay said refolding the piece of paper and slipped it into a small plastic bag that Micah had proved.
"ROAD TRIP!!!!!!"


  1. Question! - I'm trying to come up with something - BUT, are we assuming that we all started in Greenville? Or can I just make up somewhere that we all are (like Zululand) and then proceed to go to Columbia from there? :-)

  2. i was wondering the same thing. so i picked greenville because of the coffee shop reference.
    also: are we our own ages? i assume yes, so i didn't call us girls...

  3. Okay I know it seems like I have a lot of questions or I'm just stalling - but I do have an idea. I just know about zero about columbia. Is there a civil war museum or society or something like it in columbia? or around there?

  4. there is a lot in columbia-- i had an idea about longstreet which survived the civil war because it was a hospital.