Monday, April 5, 2010

On the road again

The four girls piled into Alexia's car again, and started on their way to Columbia.
"Where in Columbia do you think we should start?" Ela asked the other three. "I'm not very familiar with...well, anything there. Maybe if there's a cemetery from that time period, we could try to get a full name."
Alexia and Allie started discussing various locations in Columbia, with the occasional input from Kayralynn. Ela stared out the window and eventually drifted off into sleep.
"There are so many places. Like Longstreet," Allie claimed, slightly exasperated. "If we had a little more to go on, we might be able to narrow it down to a place."
"I wish I had some way of finding out more about this C.A.O. person," Kayralynn agreed. "You know, the 'O' might be for O'Shaunessy. I think that was a family name, way back when."
"Hmmm...Looking at all the head stones in a cemetery would take forever," Allie thought. "But now that we have a potential last name, we could try to dig up some obituaries or something. What do you think, dork? You're never this quiet." Allie waited for Ela to respond but got not answer.
Kayralynn, who was sitting in the back next to Ela, snickered and poked her in the side.
"Ehhhmmm?" Ela mumbled.
"We were thinking of looking up some obituaries. Kayralynn thinks she remembers a potential last name!" Allie exclaimed.
"Yeah," Ela yawned. "That sounds," yawn, "...good."
"Okay, kiddies. We're here!" Alexia claimed.


Sorry guys, I couldn't really think of much. Like I said, I know nothing about Columbia. I even tried to research some place that we could go to - but to no avail. I dunno. I tried. I can delete it if no one likes it.

Kay - I'm not sure if you ever decided what you wanted your name to be! I think you said something about changing it back to Kayralynn, so that's what I wrote it as - I can change it if you want. Also, apparently your current last name is not O'Shaunessy, seeing as that's your ancestor's name :-P That can be changed too.


  1. Hahaha no that's fine. I am Kayralynn, for which Kay is short, right? :D That way, we don't have to go back and change everything, ha! And yeah, my current last name can be, ah, Zimbabwean, how's that? Kayralynn Zimbabwean. And then everyone will ask me, "well, ARE you Zimbabwean?" instead of that other thing from my other last name. ;-)

  2. you mam, are ridiculous.

    and it's totally fine puj. :) you could make up a library... or something that we could look at obituaries in...
    it doesn't have to be factual.